The Fox Story

Almost 4 decades ago, our first transfer sheet was printed (initially created as dry rub down application) in an attempt to introduce a higher quality livery product for the model railway market. As the range began to grow, so did the need to have more control over the printing process and, as a result, Fox Transfers aquired its own Screen Printing Company.

Artwork, for all Fox Transfers products, has been created in house (originally using old technology and eventually becoming fully computerised). But that said, we are not digital printers. Our transfers are not just created at the push of a button. Whilst the artwork origination is made easier using computer 'drawing programmes' our method of printing is still very traditional, albeit to a very high speciification not generally found. It was never anticipated that our product range would grow and develop into the scale it has today. Specialising in High Precision Waterslide Transfers we offer 8 modelling scales plus a range for Full-Size applications.

The development of our fine-etched, hand-finished etched products range began to compliment our tansfer range (initially in 4mm/00 scale and now in 2mm/N & 7mm/0 scaled variants). Seeing, once again, a requirment for a high quality product, Fox Transfers branched out to produce a superb range of miniature representations of the full size castings. Our ongoing, increased sales, just go to prove that our products meet requirements of amatuer and professional modellers alike. Our range continues to grow year on year.

We don't just produce transfers for the model railway market either - our bespoke service allows commissions for a wide variety of applications - the possibilities are vast. We produce large print runs for commercial industry usage and small quantity runs for individual personal requirements.

Our most recent aquisition was our vinyl plotter. For large, single colour, self adhesive vinyls, this technology fills another small gap where appropriate.

As specialist screen process printers we have been able to offer our services in a wide range of other fields, including marketing, commerce and engineering and we are in a privileged position to make available our expertise in the design and creation of our clients' requirements.

As may be expected, our website will be updated on a regular basis. If you have a problem that is not covered by what you see on our site please e-mail us Two heads are better than one!

The Fox Team

Whilst Fox Transfers Ltd is now a BIG NAME we are a small company. Customers often believe we have over 100 staff members which we feel is a testement to our work ethic. We actually have 3 full time members of staff and one part time member of The Team.

We aim to offer a professional and friendly service and make ourselves available to answer telephone calls and emails if you need the 'persoanl touch'!


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