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Above shows a commission from the Welsh Railways Research Circle for a series Cambrian Railway Transfer sheets.

These include Lettering and Numbering sheets as well as the crests illustrated - in both 4mm/00 and 7mm/0 scales.

There are 3 routes for orders / information:

    1. via the website:
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    3. by post from: WRRC Transfers, 9 Ewenny Cross, Ewenny, Vale of Glamorgan CF355AB


With thanks to Mr Keith Lodge who commissioned a set of transfers for his project and supplied photos of the finished models.


A superb result using Fox Transfers Bespoke Service

commissioned by Mr Paul Riley (photographs used with permission)

Commission for KPS Models

Photograph reproduced here with their permissionshowing finished models with waterslide transfers applied.

Model finished with Fox Transfers Nameplates, Headboard and Worksplates.

With thanks to Mr Mark Thornton for the photograph.

See FEP46237 for more images


Transfers commissioned by Mr Darren Malster - with finished models shown opposite. (With thanks from Fox Transfers for permmision to publish.)

Sheets now available to purchase online F4276/2.

This page is used to show off our customers projects. What can be achieved using our transfers and etched plates.

The transfers on the finished model (as shown above) were commissioned by a customer using our bespoke printing service.

This is what he had to say - "A couple of photos. attached at last of the results of your splendid handiwork. I am "highly delighted"; the transfers went on beautifully.

The story of the crests, as I understand it, is that 1965 was the 800th anniversary of what was effectively the world's first trade fair, in the Leipzig area. Google will tell you all about it. The East German regime liked an excuse for a bit of flag waving so amidst all the celebrations a few of the 'top link' locos. were given these crests.

As far as I can see this is about the only time a German loco ever received any form of decoration after the naming of them was dropped somewhere around 1900, other than when they wore Adolf's swastikas and the like that is!

Photograph Courtesy of Mr Roger Holland.

In July of last year I said I would send you a photo of the finished project before the 17th January 2017. I am pleased to say I completed it and it ran for the first time on New Years day, so here it is a photo of the finished project.

I hope you agree the transfers look spot on.Happy New Year and once again thanks for your help.

Fox Transfers Bespoke Waterslide Transfers

Our 2mm/N sheet FRH2474 was used to finish this loco on the right.

Available too in 4mm/00 (FRH4474) and 7mm/0 (FRH7474).

All available from stock.

This customer (Mr Brian Love) used our bespoke transfer service to finish his 2mm/N modelling project.

Prices for bespoke transfers start from as little as £35.

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If you have a project that you would like to share please email us with the details