Pre Grouping transfers

We are being asked more and more frequently if we produce Pre-Grouping transfers - we do already have a limited selection in the smaller scales and even fewer available in the larger scales.

Generally speaking the pre-grouping companies had very intricate style lettering and numbering accompanied by an eleborate crest. These transfers are very costly to produce. Our printing process uses traditional screen printing methods, each colour is printed separately, hence the artwork also has to be colour separated (this in itself is a very time consuming process). The number of colours involved, together with the relatively low demand on sales, makes the pre-grouping transfers almost unviable to produce.

Whilst we do not feel digital printing gives the quality of reproduction that our screen printing methods achieve, we have recently produced some successful alternatives using our digital printer, which makes producing the ornate crests for pre-grouping companies a little more financially viable. These can be produced as waterslide transfers with the introduction of a white intensification transfer which is applied under the coloured crest.

Our largest problem we have is the research into what is required in terms of lettering styling and sizes. We have very limited time to spend finding all the necessary information to accurately produce the transfers we are being requested to make. This, coupled with the fact that the amount of accurate information available for the Pre-Gouping companies is not very well documented, makes the introduction of new items very difficult.

So, we are now putting it to you, our customers, to possibly help us in helping you. If you are able to spend time in finding any accurate information to enable us to complete any liveries for the pre-grouping era then we can look into the possiblity of adding these to our range. We would need clear drawings, dimensions and colours for each element of a livery (lettering, numbering, crests). High quality photographs could also be used but only if they are 'side-on' views which clearly show detail required.  

We do appreciate this is not an easy task but it is the only way we would be able to start to make any inroads into introducing some of the smaller railway companies.

It is not guaranteed that we will be abe to add any of the lesser know company transfers into our range as we will still have to evaluate the amount of work involved and cost of production - we can only make that decision once we have all the necessary reference material to hand.

At the risk of sounding rude, please get in touch by email only - - as we do not have the time to discuss in length individual requirements for these projects.

Send us any material you can provide and we will take it from there!