Shedcode 72B

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Scale: 4mm/00-1:76
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Scale: 4mm/00-1:76
Southern Region stainless steel Shedcode - Salisbury

Scale: 4mm/00-1:76
More Information
Plate type SHEDCODES
Scale 4mm/00-1:76
Company British Railways Southern Region
Period NATIONALISATION 1 January 1948 to August 1968

Product Attachments

Product Attachments


    The attached list includes that published by Ian Allan Ltd in their ‘ABC of British Locomotives’ to whom we direct our thanks for their permission to publish these details. The sheds named are only those which had an allocation of engines, and does not include overnight stabling or signing-on points. Main area sheds are shown in bold type, and subsheds are indented from, and listed under, their parent shed. Those sheds listed which do not carry a name had been closed by the time the above list was compiled. We understand that some of these plates are suitable for use on LMS-theme layouts. The first list shown gives the allocations as at 1952. Later in the 1950s there was a certain amount of reorganisation and the second list gives the position by 1957.

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