4mm Modern Image (Post 1968) Catalogue Set

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Scale: 4mm/00-1:76
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Scale: 4mm/00-1:76

Post 1968 Modern Image Fully Illustrated Catalogue FULL SET - 2 Volumes of Waterslide Transfers/Decals (Modern 1+2) A4 size - PLUS Diesel & Electric Loco Nameplate List and Descriptive Price List. Our catalogue range has developed over the years as new products become available. Items in volume one are not repeated in volume 2 etc and therefore we call these our Everlasting Catalogues (you keep them as reference guides as long as you are modelling). All items illustrated have a volume and page number against the description in the price lists.Eg V1p10 tells you that the item is in Volume 1 on Page 10. Any items which have been produced since the introduction of volume 2 are not yet illustrated but are listed in the new FoxTails Descriptive price list. THIS PRICE INCLUDES FIRST CLASS MAIL CHARGE - PLEASE SELECT THE CORRECT SHIPPING DESTINATION. If you would like to print off a copy of one of our Price Lists Click here.

PLEASE NOTE - There are a large number of sheets not included in the illustrated volumes and which are only described in the price list which accompany the Catalogues. Owing to the number of customers who now use the internet, it isn’t viable for us to introduce new volumes at this stage. The Catalogues are offered at a rate to reflect this, however, they are still very much valid and offer useful reference material.

Scale: 4mm/00-1:76
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Scale 4mm/00-1:76